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Canada  Darby

Lightning Chess Player
Age:  59
Occupation:  Customer service/ support
Country:  Canada
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Time for a new photo. The hat is a type of derby, which in England is often called a darby. This particular specimen is a top-of-the-line number (like yours truly, heh heh) made with only the finest of materials and construction techniques.

My mother taught me to play chess when I was four. Just over 50 years later I am still learning the game. I'll never be the next Bobby Fischer but if I can keep my ratings high enough to start with 2's then at least I'll be in the same time zone as that greatest of players (sorry, Mr. Kasparov, but I'm too old to switch favourites).

The players I fear most on this site aren't the ones who are clearly at Master level or better, but the 800-pound gorillas whom I have the misfortune of getting pounded by just as they are starting to work their way up the rankings.
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On Sunday, May 27, 2012, I had the extraordinary good luck to finally take down the nearly invincible Daniel Flores. In the Gold-medal final of the 95th Olympic Open Blitz Tournament, we played a 2-game match. Up to this time I had lost every game in every category I'd ever played against him. On this day, however, the first game ended in a draw and I won the second on time, even though my position on the board in each game was in trouble. This is by far the best victory I've ever achieved in chess. It is the highlight of my otherwise miserable relationship with this most mentally demanding of games. Thank you, Mr. Flores, for making my year!
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On Thursday, August 30, 2012, I achieved a goal I had previously thought impossible... 2100+ ratings across all categories. I held this particular honour for all of about 12 hours, then the next day promptly lost a couple of Lightning games to C-class players and I've been struggling ever since to recover. C'est la vie. Makes me respect all the more those players who achieve 2300 or better and hold those numbers with authority. [Addendum: yesterday, September 22, 2012, I finally returned to 2100+ glory. Now I've set my default search parameter to unrated games only so that I can concentrate on tournaments.]
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On Friday, September 14, 2012, I finally reached the #8 position in the all-time tournament winners list. This accomplishment is significant only because InstantChess has this peculiar way of recognizing only the top EIGHT in certain lists, i.e., the one just mentioned, and the 30-day tournament winners list found on the General page. Getting to the #8 spot has earned me another one of those badges they put on your profile. The #7 spot should be mine in a few days, but after that it's hard slogging. And never mind trying to catch Mike58 for the top position. That's like a Porsche trying to catch a Bugatti Veyron. Ain't never gonna happen in this lifetime. [Addendum: the #7 spot is now mine, but #6 is another 1,000 points away... I should live so long.]
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So now InstantChess is awarding profile badges for how many games we've played, i.e., 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000. I've got all four of those badges, as do several other players I know. I suspect the next badge in this series is for 100,000 games, and who knows? Maybe I'll be first to get it. But I suspect those who stick primarily to 1-minute Lightning games will have the edge in that department. My Gosh, what a glorious waste of time this all is! And I love every minute of it. [Addendum: I just discovered today, Sunday, September 23, 2012, that anatolij of Russia has played over 165,000 games!! And counting! And yes, the next badge is for 100,000. His Lightning count alone exceeds 150,000. So I guess the NEXT badge in the series is... 200,000? I don't think IC has come with the next badge yet -- maybe they think nobody has even cracked 100,000.]



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Ratings & Games
Rapid Rating
2118  1
Class:  Experts
Position:  42 of 194
Rating progress
Highest:  2141
March 19, 2013  
Played games:  2988
Won:  2047
Lost:  382
Draw:  550
Adjourned:  9
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C45 Scotch game: 
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B01 Scandinavian (centre counte...: 
Never played:  E21 Nimzo-Indian: three knights ...
Openings Report
Tournament Points
Position:  7 of 1441
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Group Tournaments Wins
x 700 x 712 x 497 x 28
TPs  = 3x700+2x712+1x497+1x28 = 4049
Tournaments:  2989
1st Place:  700
2nd Place:  712
3rd Place:  497
Group Tournaments Wins:  28
Other places:  1052
Unknown:  0
Premium Competition
League:  I
Position:  #6
At 2:00 AM GMT Sunday October 4, 2015:
Leaderboard Position Points
All Lightning
Players & Ratings
305 of 6801 6801-305 = 6496
All Blitz
Players & Ratings
39 of 6876 6876-39 = 6837
All Rapid
Players & Ratings
101 of 10101 10101-101 = 10000
All Classic
Players & Ratings
15 of 5234 5234-15 = 5219
7 of 1440 1440-7 = 1433
Known openings 55
10 x hours played
in the last 30 days
 pts = 6496+6837+10000+5219+1433+55+267 = 30 307 
The next recalculation: 1:59 AM GMT Sunday October 11, 2015
Top League:  I
12:00 AM GMT Sunday June 24, 2012
Canada Darby
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