What is "Timer lag correction"?
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"Timer lag correction" is a solution aimed to help you complete your game successfully, specially when facing bandwith / internet access problems while playing a game. This has special importance for players playing 1-min chess games!

(To understand "time lag" please read "What is Lag?" in the FAQ section. Please also test your connection using www.pingtest.net )

To make the chess-clock as fair as possible, the time is tracked on the chess server. After the server receives your or your opponent's move, the time for the game is synchronised with the server's time. However, due to internet-lag, at times there is a delay in the time synchronising. For e.g., the clock on the server may run out of time, while the clock visible on your screen may still show a few seconds left!!

In situations like these, Timer Lag Correction is applied. Depending on detected problems (usually due to bandwidth problems), the server awards you 10 bonus seconds at the end of your game, to be able to receive your last move.

The following picture depicts the problem discussed above:
You are player 2 and you have 2 seconds left.
Now: You move, while your opponent already thinks that the time is over. To avoid a conflict, the server gives you the additional time to make your last move and shows the "timer lag correction" window to your opponent.

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