How can I protect my password?

Please follow the recommendation below to protect your profile from fraud:

1. Under no circumstances reveal your passport to anyone including person who introduces him/her self as site administration representative. Site Administration is NEVER asking users for login and password.
2. As there are many Trajan software around designed to compromise your online security, please regularly check your computer for viruses and Trajan.
3. Avoid opening any files from unidentified sanders in your inbox.
4. Before logging in check if you are on the official website (e.g. URL should start from
5. In case of any suspicion that your password is compromised, please, immediately try to change it.
6. Please try remember your password but not put it down specifically if such notes are accessible to other people.
7. Please choose sophisticated combination of letters and numbers for your passwords.

Please contact our Customer Support immediately if your password is compromised.

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