What is Fischer Random Chess?

Fischer Random Chess is a variant of the usual chess-game. It differs only by the position of the pieces on the 1st and 8th rank at the start of the game. Fischer Random Chess uses only the common chess pieces. Usual Chess rules are used when applicable.

Rules of the game setup:
1. the white pawns are placed on the 2nd rank (same as in normal chess).
2. the other white pieces are placed on the 1st rank.
3. The white King is placed somewhere between the two white Rooks.
4. The white Bishops are placed on opposite-coloured squares.
5. The black pieces are placed equal-and-opposite to the white pieces.

Castling may be performed under the following conditions:
1. Neither King nor Rook has moved.
2. The King is not in check before or after castling.
3. No square through which the King must move is under attack.
4. All squares between King and Rook are vacant.
5. No other pieces occupy any of the squares passed over by the King or Rook.
6. The castling move does not result in a capture.

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