What is the Penalties feature?

A Player's profile has a section showing Penalties. This is explained below:

Where are they located? Located in the lower portion of your profile, just under "Send a webmessage". If you have any penalties (bans), they will be displayed.

Why are they given? Penalties are given when players violate the User Agreement (this link is shown on every service page, located at the bottom of the page).

What are penalties? Penalties disable your ability to do certain things on InstantChess for a while.

How long is a while? The first penalty you receive lasts for one week. the second penalty lasts for four weeks. The third penalty is lifelong.

There are different kinds of penalties:

1------COMPUTER, a penalty if you are using a program to assist you in play, displays a C in front of the person's name. (Program users receive an "X" that is permanent, plus their rating is skipped back to 1500). Your card will display COMPUTER.

2------GAME CHAT, if you have a game chat penalty, then you will not be able to chat during your games. Your card will display GAME CHAT.

3------WEBMESSAGE, a webmessage penalty does not allow you to send webmessages to other players. Your card will display MESSAGES.

4------PROFILE, if you have a player's profile penalty, you will not be able to edit your personal profile. (i.e. you will not be able to change the flag back to a picture, and you will not be able to edit your welcome message). Your card will display PROFILE.

5------ACCESS, if you are denied access to InstantChess, you will not be able to play games on InstantChess. Your card will display ACCESS.

What do the penalties mean?

It is the "3 cards" system, (except for a Program penalty, a skip back to 1500 penalty, or a Player Profile penalty).

Like in soccer, there is no 1 week or 1 year ban limits. Now, there are 3 cards:
I card (yellow) means a 1-week ban
II card (yellow) means 4 weeks ban
X card (red) means a lifelong ban

Players may click on their personal penalties and see the details. (These details are hidden from other players). The number of days left on the penalty will be shown. Once the week or 4- week penalty has expired, the number of days will not be shown.

What can you do if you do not want these penalties to be shown on your profile? You can write to Support and request that your cards history be removed.

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