Openings Reports

The Openings Report offers you a unique opportunity to enrich and improve your openings, to increase your chess skills, and to win many more games than you used to do, also to raise the competitive spirit of your chess to new standards.

You will have detailed statistics of every opening played by your opponent (for Premium players only) over a considerable period of time*. You are also provided with a useful encyclopedia of the best known openings in chess theory.

The Openings Report is very effective as a means of preparation for a combat with your principal opponents in regular or tournament games.

It is now much easier for you to choose an appropriate opening strategy for a game with any particular opponent of any skill – from rookies to masters. Now you should be celebrating victories more often! You can easily avoid favourite opening schemes of your opponents while at the same time from the very first moves of a game you can force them to play the positions that they like least.

Openings reports are calculated only for active Premium subscribers

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