Chat safety

Chatting with your opponent during a game is a great option for creating friendly match atmosphere.

It is assumed that the game of chess mostly attracts people who are chess lovers. However, since online chess is open to anybody, sometimes encounters users how may use abusive/rude language in their chats with other players.

The common solution used by other online community services is the implementation of chat filters that simply replace offensive words/expressions with «beeps» (for example «*****»). However, this method can unfortunately be simply avoided by misspelling.

Being a club orientated service, considers it very important to have a good and pleasant atmosphere on the site at all times, so we do not use malfunction solutions for the avoidance of User Agreements.

Each player has the option of reporting chat abuse during a game. These reports are processed by a team of Administrators who also work to process support questions.

After investigation, any player who is recognized as a chat abuser is banned from chat for one week as a warning. If this happens again, then the player is banned from chat for one month and on the third occasion is banned permanently.

This protection system, monitored by administrators means that abusers are not able to cause any serious damage because their chat is immediately stopped when a report is made against them.